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Posted by on 14 Sep 2009 | Tagged as: biomimicry


Wow! In the tech industry we would call this “disruptive” technology.

“…a new set of design tools, included in the newest release of ID CAD software SolidThinking. The technology, which ST is calling Morphogenesis, is a sort of semi-automated biomimicry toolbox…”

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Biomimicry and the US Financial System

Posted by on 01 Sep 2009 | Tagged as: biomimicry

The Washington Times

Harold Raveche, president of the Stevens Institute of Technology, offers an opinion piece suggesting a look at nature will provide answers as the US government works to overhaul the country’s financial system.

The options are stark and clear: Do we want an inflexible and stifled state-controlled economy or a vibrant and responsive free-market system that has human capital as its resource for competing in the global economy? Biomimicry provides the answer.  Continued at The Washington Times…