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DIY Sensors

Posted by on 17 Feb 2012 | Tagged as: biomimicry, CleanWeb, innovation, sensors

A defining feature of life is that it senses: sound, smell, touch, temperature, humidity, light, motion, vibration, orientation. Most of us carry multiple sensors with us every day inside our smartphones. Sensors that know which way you’re holding the phone and re-orient the screen image for instance. Our automobiles contain dozens of sensors that make them more efficient and safer. And in the coming decade  you’ll find sensors showing up in all sorts of places. To get a glimpse into the (very near) future check out these Kickstarter projects:

And a few additional links:

And most important – take look into how nature does sensing:

Sunil Paul: Cleanweb is Next Innovation Green Tech

Posted by on 22 Apr 2011 | Tagged as: CleanWeb, Less Stuff

CleanWeb advocate Sunil Paul delivered an interesting presentation at yesterday’s Green:Net conference in San Francisco:

Infrastructure gains have gotten the environmental industry pretty far, Paul said, “but the CleanWeb is the ability to distribute software and services on top of that infrastructure that makes it more efficient, and that is the next big evolution in clean-tech.” Continued at

Rocks au Natural

Posted by on 03 Mar 2011 | Tagged as: biomimicry, CleanWeb


Making something from nothing, use of readily available resources and cleaver optimisation techniques are key lessons from nature. Investro is a new Australian company with a compelling application that fits well with the emerging  “CleanWeb” category:

Rocksolver software uses advanced optimisation algorithms to fit irregular virtual objects together to build stable virtual structures. It is the first of its kind. Unprocessed rock is only 10% of the price of competing products. Rocksolver will enable the use of a very cheap, local resource by reducing the cost of labour. The production of unprocessed rock results in only 10% of the greenhouse gas emissions compared to competing products like brick, concrete and dimension stone.

More info and videos at Investro‘s web site.