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Sunil Paul: Cleanweb is Next Innovation Green Tech

Posted by on 22 Apr 2011 | Tagged as: CleanWeb, Less Stuff

CleanWeb advocate Sunil Paul delivered an interesting presentation at yesterday’s Green:Net conference in San Francisco:

Infrastructure gains have gotten the environmental industry pretty far, Paul said, “but the CleanWeb is the ability to distribute software and services on top of that infrastructure that makes it more efficient, and that is the next big evolution in clean-tech.” Continued at http://gigaom.com

Buy Nothing Day

Posted by on 23 Nov 2010 | Tagged as: Less Stuff


Here in the USofA the buzz is all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here is an alternative way to participate:

Last year, everybody was talking about NothingTM, the zero-carbon must have that we all had to have. But then the fashion tide left the beach of fad and NothingTM became boring and so version one point oh. So just in time for Buy Nothing Day 2010, we turned to international product designer Naughton O. Nada – design genius, creative tidal wave, conceptual Krakatowa – to face the seemingly impossible task of creating a new, improved, NothingTM


Kids Clothing Exchange

Posted by on 07 Jul 2010 | Tagged as: Less Stuff


A while back I wrote about making more use out of less stuff. Here is an example of a startup gaining some traction:

ThredUP aims to bring affordability and convenience to the children’s clothing market, which is estimated to be valued as a $1 billion space. The platform allows parents to exchange boxes of outgrown kids clothing and shoes for new items that fit. Continued at TechCrunch…