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ShopBot – Moving Beyond Squares and Circles

Posted by on 06 Dec 2008 | Tagged as: biomimicry, products

In the late 80s I represented Seattle based Aldus Corporation. Aldus was one of a handful of companies that fostered “desktop publishing”. A combination of software (like Aldus PageMaker), the Apple LaserWriter and the Mac (not to mention the mouse and high resolution monitors) enabled regular folks to publish high quality newsletters, magazines and books. It was revolutionary. I’m seeing a similar revolution underway in design and construction industry with the introduction of products like ShopBot.

We’ve simplified CNC router technology so any shop can do fast, precise CNC cutting, drilling, and machining, and take advantage of CNC production automation. A ShopBot CNC router is robust, affordable, easy to use, and adapts to your production needs.

Like the early days of desktop publishing , many of the early examples are decorative, even whimsical, but in the just a couple of years designers and builders will understand the technology and use it to design products more in tune with natural systems. (i.e. nature does not build with 4x2s…)

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More Evidence the End is Near: Batter Blaster

Posted by on 10 Feb 2008 | Tagged as: products


In the “Do we really need this?” department, here’s another great way to pay $ for something that costs Cents…

“Over-priced food and drink products have been one of the surprise investor sensations over the past couple years. So we keep our eye out for the next hot item in grub and beverages. There really is nothing better than a tall stack of pancakes on a cold Saturday morning. Maybe a side of sausages. Add the great outdoors to that. The founder of Better Blaster, Sean O’Connor, tells the story that he light-bulbed the concept for Batter Blaster whilst camping. The travails of mixing batter with water in a bowl drove him to inspiration.” Continued at alarm:clock…

This one has been around for a few months but maybe I don’t look at the “right” shelves at the store. (oh, but it IS organic! so it must be good, right?!)

Lots of comments at Treehugger and

“Designed with the Environment in Mind”

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2007 Artist Series

So goes the heading in Nike’s January announcement of its 23rd anniversary Air Jordan.

AIR JORDAN XX3 Becomes First High-Performance Basketball Shoe in the History of NIKE, Inc. Designed with the Environment in Mind

BEAVERTON, Ore.–(Business Wire)–Today, Jordan Brand, a division of NIKE, Inc., announced the launch of the long-awaited, 23rd iteration of the world’s most respected and innovative basketball shoe franchise, the AIR JORDAN XX3. The AIR JORDAN XX3 celebrates 23 years of a legacy started by the
most revered basketball athlete in history…Michael Jordan. Press Release continued…

My wife Kelli read the news weeks ago and thought they’d make a perfect birthday present for me. But incredibly the only way to buy a pair – at least the limited edition first release – was via eBay for $1,500+. I’m not much of a shoe-guy so I was very pleased she didn’t! Even the regular version will be $180 which sure seems like a lot of money. Kudos to Nike for making steps, here’s hoping the learning spreads across their complete product line.

Some good commentary via ecorazzi…

Don’t Just Be The Change, Mass-Produce It!

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Alex Steffen

Here at Greenr we want to ‘Accelerate the Change”. Over at WorldChanging, founder and editor Alex Steffen says we should be mass producing it: “We need, through brilliant innovations, bold enterprise and political willpower, to make sustainability an obligatory and universal characteristic of our society, not an ethical choice. We need to remake the systems in which live. We need to redesign civilization. Anything less is failure.” Continue reading…

Whether we ‘be the change’, accelerate it or mass produce it, one thing is for sure, business as usual needs to change. Fast.

Starter Kits for Homemade Cleaning

Posted by on 20 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: products

Eco-Me Body Kit - Starter Set

Another one via the trendspotters at Springwise, this time on green startup Eco-Me, which is now offering kits to help consumers create their own cleaning products. Continued over at Springwise…

Clorox Aims to Show that ‘Green Works’

Posted by on 14 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: business, products

Joel Makower asks: “Can a major consumer packaged goods company with a name indelibly associated with household bleach become a leading light in the green marketplace?” That’s the hope of Clorox, the Oakland-based company, which this week is launching its first new brand in twenty years: Green Works, a line of cleaning products. more . . . ยป