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Biomimicry Featured in Harmony Documentary – Showing on NBC

Posted by on 16 Nov 2010 | Tagged as: biomimicry, climate change, video


Janine was invited to meet with Prince Charles some years ago – and clearly her message resonated. This Friday, Nov 19 NBC  will be showing “Harmony”, a documentary inspired by Prince Charles and featuring Janine talking about how biomimicry:

Inspired by HRH The Prince of Wales, HARMONY captures on film in a way we’ve never seen before, an authentic leader on critical global issues. For the better part of three decades, The Prince of Wales has worked side by side with a surprising and dynamic array of environmental activists, business leaders, artists, architects and government leaders. They are working to transform the world, address the global environmental crisis and find ways toward a more sustainable, spiritual and harmonious relationship with the planet.  From organic farms, to the rainforests of British Columbia, to rare footage of HRH interviewing Al Gore about climate change in 1988 – Harmony introduces viewers to a new and inspiring perspective on how the world can meet the challenges of climate change globally, locally and personally.

Getting Serious about Solving the Carbon Problem

Posted by on 20 Sep 2008 | Tagged as: cleantech, video

Vinod Khosla: %27It%27s about main tech, not clean tech%27
Outspoken VC Vinod Khosla speaks at the AlwaysOn GoingGreen conference. Is the “the current green movement as more about style than substance”? I might not agree with all he has to say, but Koshla is one person worth following closely.

The Green Enterprise – ZDNet Video Series

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ZDNet offers up a series of short “Green Enterprise” videos:

A look into the enterprise to explore eco-friendly practices and innovations. In this ZDNet video series learn about what’s motivating green tech, and how green technologies are impacting IT.

ZDNet joins other great video resources like TED, Green Festivals, Sundance Channel, One Minute Shift.

Reminder of Why We’re Doing This Work

Posted by on 05 Jul 2008 | Tagged as: video

My friend Mark Feenstra copied me this video last week. With all the daily distractions I find it useful to see reminders like this…

Severn Cullis-Suzuki is the daughter of David Suzuki (who isn’t so well known in the US but I recall him making an impression when I heard his message during his visits to Australia in the 80s).
I was fortunate to hear Severn speak at the annual Bioneers Conference a couple of years back. Like her father, she is a compelling speaker and I look forward to sharing this video with my daughter in a couple of years. (I’m hoping she’ll grow up to be an influential activist!)

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We’ve probably all wasted more time on YouTube than we’d care to admit. But there are alternatives!

There are brilliant ideas, expressed everyday in public discussions and events, all over the world.

Don’t miss them. delivers discourse, discussions and debates on the world’s most interesting political, social and cultural issues, and enables viewers to join the conversation. It provides deep, unfiltered content, tools for self-expression and a place for the interactive community to gather online.

Check out this great interview with Bill McKibben.

Just Imagine – from CNN International

Posted by on 12 Mar 2008 | Tagged as: biomimicry, liveable cities, video

Check out a new series of short interview/documentaries from CNN International “Just Imagine”, especially the third in the series that centers Livable Cities and the role of biomimicry in solving some of our greatest challenges. More to follow!

More About Google and Climate Change

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Here is a Climate Change Conversation with Google Founders and head of, Larry Brilliant, moderated by Tom Friedman, held at the World Economic Forum’s Annual General Meeting in Davos, January 2008. Mr Brilliant is true to his name

Don’t Have $6k For A Ticket To TED? Watch Past Presentations Online

Posted by on 26 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: events, people, video

One of the hottest event tickets of the year is the annual TED Conference held in Monterey. From its roots in technology, entertainment and design, the content has expanded to include science, business, the arts and the global issues facing our world. Over four days, 50 speakers each take an 18-minute slot, and there are many shorter pieces of content, including music, performance and comedy. There are no breakout groups. Everyone shares the same experience – and you can share some of it via nearly 200 videos, from which I’ve selected the following as most relevant to Greenr’s mission to “Accelerate the Change!”:


Janine Benyus: 12 sustainable design ideas from nature


William McDonough: The wisdom of designing Cradle to Cradle


Amory Lovins: We must win the oil end game


Larry Brilliant: The case for informed optimism & TEDTalks: Larry Brilliant


William Kamkwamba on building a windmill




John Doerr: Seeking salvation and profit in greentech


Jeff Bezos: After the gold rush, there’s innovation ahead



Craig Venter: A voyage of DNA, genes and the sea


Majora Carter: Greening the Ghetto


Bill McDonough at AlwaysOn Green

Posted by on 12 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: business, events, video


In case you missed Bill speaking at AlwaysOn’s GoingGreen conference last year (and at $3k per seat, you probably did!), here are some excerpts from his “strategy of hope” for sustainable design keynote.