Together, we make the world a little Greenr.

Track. Compete. Offset your carbon footprint with the  Greenr app.

What we measure we can manage. Greenr is the first step to taking control of your impact.

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    Greenr puts you in control of your carbon footprint.

    What has a larger carbon footprint? Being vegan for a year and driving a motorcycle or eating meat but owning an electric car? Find out with Greenr.

    Track your carbon footprint with Greenr.

    Compete with friends to gain Greenr points.

    Offset your impact to make the world a little Greenr.

    We believe the first step towards changing something is to measure it. Join our community and let’s start making the world a little Greenr


    An advanced calculator for your daily meals and travels


    Add your friends and compete to be crowned the Greenr-est each week


    Choose the carbon offset projects you are passionate about and donate to support them.



    Earn Greenr points each time you log your meals, travel and even more when you’re being extra Greenr.


    Join the Greenr community to learn more about how to lower your carbon score. You can even share some Greenr wisdom of your own.


    Use your Greenr points for real life rewards. Get access to discounts and limited edition products from sustainable brands and partners.



    Log meals and daily travel using our advanced calculator. Check how you’re tracking in your personalised dashboard.


    Are you the Greenr-est of them all? Join weekly challenges and gain Greenr points as your habits change. Invite your friends to compete for the lowest footprint each week.


    Work to reduce your footprint and offset the rest! Select which offset project you want to support and donate to become carbon neutral.

    The most innovative and intuitive carbon footprint tracker

    The most innovative and intuitive carbon footprint tracker

    Greenr has developed an advanced carbon footprint calculator for your daily food and travel tracking.

    You can search through ingredients and save recipes to see a more accurate footprint of your meals.

    Road trip? No need to know your car model or engine size, just enter your registration number and we will do the rest!

    Don’t drive? If you’re a Greenr Warrior and already cycling and walking everywhere we’ve got you covered to track how much you’re saving!

    Planning on flying? (Bring on 2021!) We’ve got ways to track and offset them too.

    About Greenr

    About Greenr

    At Greenr we believe there isn’t a right or wrong way to live, but there is a Greenr way. We’re not about making anyone feel guilty, instead we want to reward every small positive change you make. We’ll even set challenges for you to push yourself.

    Eat vegetarian food one day a week?

    Walk to a meeting?

    Swap your long-haul business flight to economy?

    All are wins in our eyes, and it will be a win for your Greenr points too. Everyone has the power to educate themselves on the climate crisis and is in control of making small changes everyday to help our world become a little Greenr.

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